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Little Dyno E-commerce Redesign

  • I worked on Little Dyno's branding project back in 2017, and lately, they reached out to me for a website redesign work. The project started with auditing their Current Website and Assets.

The Problem

  • Homepage - there are too many colors on the website, lacking visual hierarchy. For example, the product carousel has a different background for a different product.

  • Homepage - imagery doesn't relate to the content. Also, the images with a complicated background are very distractive

  • Homepage - lacking a consistency icon style that reflects the brand image.

  • Homepage - from the top, hero banner > product carousel > testimonial > product feature images > about us > product feature images > IG feed. Lacking of some big clear value proposition titles. The information is a clutter and hard to find and process for users.

  • Product Page - the overall product page is not attractive, doesn't convince the visitor to make a purchase.

  • Product Page - the usability is weak, without thumbnail images, users have to scroll down all the bottom to find more information/description about the product.

The Design Process

  • The first thing is based on the user journey, redefine the Information architecture and website wireframe.

  • After the content/section is confirmed, I started to work on picking a more robust color palette for the website. Base on Little Dyno's brand color-Yellow, I pick green and orang as accent colors and background colors to create a color scheme for the site.

  • The next thing, I created an icon style guidelines to ensure the icon colors and critical elements reflect Little Dyno's brand identity. Icons should communicate the core idea and intent of a product in a simple, bold, and friendly way.

  • I work on a 48x48px grid system using Adobe Illustrator, create the basic outline style icon style.

  • Later on, I brought them to Sketch App and created components, add brand colors, and some highlight/details for the feature icon section on the homepage.

  • For the product page, I work on my iPad and Procreate App and create an organic hand drawing style illustration for each animal backpacks. The idea is to create a different living environment for each animal.

Little Dyno Branding

Little Dyno is a toddler backpack brand. I started work on the project a few years ago with their brand VI and social media content and also some marketing print collaterals.​While I was looking for visual reference, Dinosaurs' eggs inspired me. Using bright and vivid colors gives the logo a vibrant feeling of energy and happiness.

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