Satechi E-commerce Website

Set Guideline for Hero Banner
Product Carousel
Information architecture

The Problem

  • Hero banner image is too busy, and the product we want to promote isn't apparent. It is hard to read the title, and the CTA button is not visible. On the mobile site, product is cropped, the images become not related with title.

  • Product Carousel is lacking some information such as customer review.

  • The section for collection is missing title, and it is not very clear what the part is for the visitor. Also, the category isn't very legit, and product images are old.

  • Could add a section of "Testimonials" of reviews from professional tech reviewers. It's better to convince the visitor.

The Process

  • Set Guideline for Hero Banner.
    - Better to use closed-up images so the visitor can focus on the product. The overall theme can be a bit dark, so the title and CTA are readable.

  • Information architecture.
    - Add customer review to the product carousel. Change the subtitle to "what is trending now" that sounds more exciting.
    - Add caption" featured collections" to the collection section.
    - Updated collection images, and break the groups to "on the go essentials." "upgrade your workspace," "USB-c Range," and " power& charging."

The Result

Work with the developer to launch the new home page; the website is more contrasty, the hero image and CTA are right in the front of the visitor's eyes, more significant attention span. The click rate of hero banner CTA was increased significantly from 0.2% to 5.3%.

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