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The Problem

  • The current design, including color palette, imagery, icon system, etc. don’t reflect the Satechi brand.

  • The user flows are unclear and confusing. Our goal is to make it more intuitive and easier to use.

The Process

  • The redesign project started with Feb.2019. I started the project with research and compared similar Apps, and gather reports and mood boards to stakeholders, review the user flows and discuss the overall design direction.

  • Meantime, I started to discuss the development time and durability with the developer since we are looking at launching the product in early April.

  • During the design process, I use InVision to make a prototype to present to stakeholders and the developer to handle feedback and communication. The detailed visual design has completed the end of Feb. and was handoff using Zeplin for development.

  • I also worked with two of our tech support team members to test the several versions of IPA and gather input from the developer.

  • During the development, I also work on some marketing assets for launching the APP, which includes the App Icon design, App Store preview images, How-to videos, and a quick start guide.

The Result

We launched the Satechi App on the App Store on April 10th, 2019. Most recently, we also released a new build that fixed some bugs along with a new Dark mode design. We Received increasing positive feedback on the UI upgraded on the customer reviews.

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